Being the first colonizers of planet Pollux, the corporate bigwigs

at the interstellar super-corporation Nanotrasen thought “After we mine

this for resources, what if we made this into a huge cashcow?”

- and that’s precisely what they did.


Cue 2563, much to the Sol government’s dismay Nanotrasen has

tripled their own monopoly by keeping the Bluespace technology

needed to reach this colony a secret, Nanotrasen has made deals

with lobbyists and politicians to secure their trade deals.

And now, they can do whatever they want.


Nanotrasen allows “democracy”, every month you can vote in a

new President, it may even be you one day.


Will you be among the rich elite and gain power for yourself?

Or the underdog camaraderie of resistance of this dystopian fantasy?

That bit is up to you.


is a Space Station 13 based roleplay server that takes place in a city in Geminus, a reforming metropolitan city on Pollux.

Why Play?

Don’t, the server is batshit. Money, crime, politicians, and even your appearance is persistent and people try to assassinate the president monthly but keep epically failing.


Unless you’re also batshit with a penchant for cutthroat political sci-fi drama simulators contained within a byond game, then go for it.